Thalia Kids Book Club Encourage Your Aspiring Writer with Audio Books

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Young people between the ages of 9 and 15 living in New York have an exciting opportunity to meet and greet their favorite authors.

By attending sessions of the Thalia Kids Book Club at Symphony Space, they can hear presentations by the people who create the books they love to read.

Authors discuss how they get their ideas, why their characters act the way they do and what will happen next in their series.

Kids those who live in other places can also join in the fun. Meetings have been turned into one-hour recordings that feature an author interview as well as interaction with an audience full of young fans.

Kids Audio BooksIf you know a youngster that loves to read and/or write, he or she may very well be fascinated with this library of audio books. For example, author Ann M. Martin, of Baby Sitter’s Club fame, is featured on one of the live recordings. She talks about her new series called Main Street, which is set in a small Massachusetts town.

Listeners can hear Martin describe the process of creating an entire fictional town and listen to an excerpt read by stage actress Ivy Austin. The recording also has interaction with young fans of the series.

Fantasy lovers will want to hear author Susan Cooper’s presentation, she won the Newberry Medal in 1976 for her book The Grey King. Interest in her young adult novels has rekindled recently because of the release of the feature film The Seeker: The Dark is Rising.

Cooper’s series of fantasy books is based loosely on the legends of King Arthur and features a struggle between good and evil. Her recorded session with the kid’s book club features the reading of an excerpt from The Dark is Rising as well as a question and answer session with the enthusiastic young audience.

There are several other popular children’s authors spotlighted in the sessions. Judy Blume talks about her timeless book The Pain and the Great One, and Brian Jacques discusses the Redwall Series to name just two. Of course, the titles written by these authors are also available in the huge catalog.

But, if you have any avid readers or writers in your life, you should steer them toward these audio recordings of the book club meetings. Knowing that they can use an audio recording to learn more about the craft of creating fiction will give them a whole new avenue of creativity to explore.

It just may inspire the next best-selling series.

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