Relive the Golden Age of Radio!

Golden Age of Radio
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Many members of “The Greatest Generation” have fond memories of gathering around the family radio to enjoy a comedy or drama.

The talented voice actors, sound effects and music all worked together to allow listeners to be transported to another place or time.

Fortunately, for those of us who are younger, many excellent radio shows of bygone years are still available.

Golden Age of RadioA great variety of nostalgic presentations can be downloaded instantly as audio books. Let’s examine some of the excellent broadcasts that you can enjoy while gardening, driving, doing chores or exercising.

• Crime and Mystery:

Getting involved in a challenging mystery can make even the most tedious task more pleasant. You can listen to the exploits of crime fighters like Sherlock Holmes, the Green Hornet and The Shadow for example.

• Comedies:

Outstanding comedians like Bob Hope and Jack Benny still prove to be great entertainers even years after their original performances. You can listen to some of their best sketches and routines today. You can also hear episodes of shows like“Father Knows Best,” and special holiday compilations like the “Christmas Radio Classics” series. Visiting and reading the opinions of other listeners will help you decide which comedy and variety shows are most likely to appeal to your sense of humor.

• Westerns:

If you love a good cowboy story, the vintage radio shows like “The Adventures of Red Ryder,” “Hopalong Cassidy,” “Gunsmoke” and “Have Gun Will Travel” are sure to please. You may even find that you can listen to free audio books online in this genre.

• Science Fiction and Fantasy:

The works of great science fiction authors like Ray Bradbury and Robert Heinlein were dramatized on old-time radio shows. These tales still make intriguing listening for modern audiences.

A program that aired in the early 1950s called “Dimension X” adapted the writings many well-known sci-fi writers, as well, and those episodes are still available. You may also enjoy several volumes of “The Adventures of Superman” from the 1940s. These stories feature the very first appearances of such beloved characters as Lois Lane and Perry White.

You owe it to yourself to try some of these nostalgic radio recordings. If you remember listening to them as a child, you’ll be thrilled to have the experience again. And if you’ve never heard them before, you are in for a real treat.

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