How Parents and Kids Can Benefit From Audio Books

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Most families enjoy going to the movies or watching videos together.

In many neighborhoods it is common for parents and children to have a standing “movie night” sometime during the week when everyone can gather around and enjoy a story.

It can be a time of fun and bonding as young and old laugh, share a tender moment or solve a mystery together.

Some of these same parents may be surprised to note that they can derive even more benefits for their families from listening to audio books, however. They may think that recorded books are only beneficial on a car trip and do not consider the advantages of incorporating them into everyday activities. Here are some of the ways adults and children can benefit from audio books.

  • Make chores more fun. When there is a job to be done that involves the family, such as raking leaves or cleaning the garage, a good audio book can make it enjoyable. Parents can find a variety of free kids’ audio books online, download them and play them on an MP3 player with attached speakers. Listening to a dramatized version of “101 Dalmations,” such as, makes a dull chore like pulling weeds seem like play.
  • Encourage kids to be more active. Children who resist active play often need a little push to get up and move. An exciting audio book that is reserved just for hiking or walking sessions with Mom or Dad is a sure-fire motivator. Both parent and child in this scenario get to share a story while reaping the added benefit of exercise.

Youngsters that are reluctant readers will often respond well to audio books

  • Build academic skills. Youngsters that are reluctant readers will often respond well to audio books. When parents listen to a recorded book with a child and discuss aspects of it such as plot, character development and sequence of events, they are helping the youngster develop vital literacy skills. There are many classic audio books online for kids that will expose them to great writing and stimulate their imaginations.
  • Provide some downtime for an exhausted parent. While most mothers and fathers agree that reading to their children is important, the reality of modern life means there is often a shortage of time to do that. However, snuggling up with a youngster and listening to a recorded story with her can be a great alternative to reading aloud. Both child and parent can relax, unwind and recover from an exhausting day.
  • Allow parents to take care of necessities. When a child has a selection of audio books online in MP3 format, he is often willing to listen on his own for a time. Using an MP3 player with headphones is appealing to most youngsters and it lets them control their own environment.

At the same time, adults can have a few minutes to take care of business that cannot be done with a child present

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