Month: November 2010

How Parents and Kids Can Benefit From Audio Books

Most families enjoy going to the movies or watching videos together. In many neighborhoods it is common for parents and children to have a standing “movie night” sometime during the week when everyone can gather around and enjoy a story. It can be a time of fun and bonding as young and old laugh, share a tender moment or solve a mystery together. Some of these same parents may be surprised to note that they can derive even more benefits for their families from listening to audio books, however. They may think that recorded books are only beneficial on...

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True Crime: A Fascinating Topic

Many people who live upright, law-abiding lives find the subject of crime and criminals almost mesmerizing. Maybe it’s curiosity about the motivations that drive people in the underworld, or a sincere interest in the welfare of the victims of crime that sparks this interest, but the fact remains, true crime stories have a long-held popularity. If you are one of the many who enjoy this genre, you may be interested to know that a myriad of true crime titles are available as audio books. An online download takes only a few minutes, but can allow you to take the...

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Nothing Beats a Good Laugh

Whether it comes at the end of a hard day’s work, during a moment of down time, or as a way to make a repetitive task seem easier, a good comedy recording can do a lot to lighten your mood or brighten your day. If you often listen to audio books, don’t overlook the vast array of comedy selections that can keep you entertained and smiling for hours. Standup If you enjoy listening to a good standup comedian but do not have the time or opportunity to see such performances on stage, you will appreciate the many compilations that...

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