Month: August 2010

Random House and Andrew Wylie Reach an Agreement About eBook Rights

Literary agent Andrew Wylie and Random House Publishing have waged war over the rights to eBook versions of several books. While the book world divided into Team Wylie or Team Random House, readers wondered just what the outcome would offer for the rest of us. The Super-Agent Andrew Wylie represents some huge authors. Among his clients: Dave Eggers, Al Gore, Dennis Hopper, Henry Kissinger, Vanity Fair, Salman Rushdie, Philip Roth, Sean Penn, Larry McMurtry, and Elmore Leonard. He also includes the estates of Norman Mailer, Robert Mapplethorpe, Arthur Miller, William Burroughs, Vladimir Nabokov, Susan Sontag, and John Updike in his...

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eReader Market Joined by Acer!

Acer Enters EReader Race When I see the name Acer, I think low-budget computers. With everyone and their brother producing eReaders, I should have seen this one coming. Acer is planning to release an E-Ink 6 inch reader called LumiRead in Germany in October. Content will be available from in Germany, B&N in the US, and Founder in China. Negotiations are underway for content in other countries. The device will offer 3G or Wi-Fi and will support eBooks and audiobooks. An SD slot will allow users to expand on the 1500 book limit. Pricing has not been announced,...

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Author Seth Godin Decides to Bypass Traditional Publishers

Seth Godin has several books published by Portfolio, but he recently announced his plans to make a huge change. He is going to forgo a publisher and offer his work directly to readers. Twelve Books When Godin began his career as an author, he needed a traditional publisher because authors are several degrees removed from readers. Publishers, printers, media, distributors, and stores are all layers between an author and the real reason he is writing.  He has published twelve books through traditional means. But his thirteenth is going to be different. New Publishing Strategy Godin needed the traditional publishing route...

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The Hunger Games: The Final Chapter

Technically, The Hunger Games series is listed as Young Adult, but don’t write it off as a book solely for teens. The series is actually pretty complex with interesting, well-written characters… and the last audiobook, Mockingjay, is being released this week. Only The Hunger Games Will Do! It pains me to report that I have a reluctant reader. Two of my three kids love to read. One is like me, always has a book in hand. The other reads like crazy when he finds something that appeals to him – most recently, The Passage. The third… claims to hate reading....

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Audio Textbooks

I have done some online searching for text books for my son. He starts college in less than a week, which evokes paradoxical feelings of happiness and sadness. Some of the sadness really hits when I look at textbook prices. Many are near $100. The one thing that I found during my search that was really  interesting and surprising is the evolution of digital textbook rentals. I expected that eventually textbooks would enter the digital realm so that students could carry eReaders instead of tons of books. Rent Textbooks What I found was that B & N is allowing eBook textbook rentals for the nook application. There was only one title on my list that was available for digital rental, and the cost was about half of the regular price. The problem is that my son doesn’t have an eReader and I wouldn’t buy one for just one book. I’ll be watching this trend to see how it shifts in the coming months. Betty White Betty White has seen a huge jump in popularity since her hilarious turn in the Snickers commercial aired during the Super Bowl. She has guest starred in tons of television shows and has even hosted Saturday Night Live. It comes as no surprise that she has signed a two book deal with Putnam. My only question is this: Will she narrate the audiobook? White...

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