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The attributes of audio textbooks on audio CD’s or any other digital format make them not only a great source for learning and education, but they are also high-quality entertainment and fun.

As these books are recorded in highly advanced studios, under the guidance of expert sound engineers; they offer excellent sound quality.

Titles are a very unique and college audio textbooks are a great tool for teachers and students alike. Some of the more advanced digital textbooks also offer the readers beautiful and informative structures and diagrams to make learning even easier.

Finding an audio book is easy, you can borrow audio textbooks free in libraries or buy them online and download directly from the merchants online store.

Audio Textbook THINK Social ProblemsTHINK Social Problems by John Carl

Primarily a textbook for College Students it is designed to aid the student in understanding the core concepts of social problems by explaining them in a very methodical and easy to digest way.

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Almost the entire gauntlet of social problems are dealt with in a series in a magazine style by using chapters, there are 20 chapters with each one addressing specific social problems?

THINK Psychology, By Abigail A. Baird

A textbook for students studying psychology, another audio magazine style employing 18 singular chapters, which are designed to aid of the student in the study of the key concepts of psychology.

Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach by James M. Henslin

A textbook feeling in the subject of sociology, written in a no-frills way and employing 22 separate chapters covering all the popular topics that pertains to sociology.

Sociology by John J. Macionis

This is a textbook on the subject of sociology, renowned as a very comprehensive introduction to sociology for not only students, but tutors as well.

THINK Marriages & Families by Jenifer Kunz

A magazine style a textbook consisting of 16 separate chapters, using the latest research, and quoting many contemporary examples. Think marriages and families deals with core concepts for marriages and family.

Audio Textbook Think American Government 2010Think American Government 2010 by Neal Tannahill

This 2nd edition magazine style textbook, deal’s with subject material obtained from newspapers, blogs and various sources. A very helpful resource for students by citing real world examples, which can then be applied to current day events.

As an audio format it is less than half the cost of its paper equivalent!

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