June 2010

In 2008, Vook was founded by Bradley Inman and it was completely unique. Using a blend of media to accentuate the text in a book was unheard of prior to that point. Since then, vooks have gained momentum and sales, offering reader’s fiction and nonfiction options that are enhanced in ways with which traditional print books and audiobooks cannot [...]

The attributes of audio textbooks on audio CD’s or any other digital format make them not only a great source for learning and education, but they are also high-quality entertainment and fun. As these books are recorded in highly advanced studios, under the guidance of expert sound engineers; they offer excellent sound quality. Titles are a very [...]

There are plenty of new reads available this week for audio book lovers. Danielle Steel and Janet Evanovich both offer new novels. Nonfiction titles include an approach for overcoming anger. Let’s take a look.  Family Ties by Danielle Steel Family Ties: A Novel by Danielle Steel and read by Susan Ericksen explores the strength of family [...]

Now that the eBook Reader price wars have begun, the decision on which unit to invest in just keeps getting more difficult. Borders will soon enter the fray and push the Kobo eReader. How will audio book fans choose their device? In my opinion, audiobook fans will likely stick to the Kindle. DRM Features Amazon’s offerings [...]

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