Month: June 2010

James Patterson Strikes Again with Private

You know how I feel about James Patterson. I have broken up with him as a must-read author because of his collaborations (which I see as basically someone else writing the story with his name in big red letters on the cover) with lesser known authors.   However, I must pass on news of his latest audio books just in case some of you are still reading him. And based on sales of his books, many of you still are. So let’s get this first one over with, shall we?    James Patterson and Maxine Paetro’s Private And you know on principle, I won’t be reading it!  James Patterson and Maxine Paetro’s Private, read by Peter Hermann, follows the thriller formula with Jack Morgan and his global investigation company. The investigator is juggling several high-profile cases when he becomes involved in solving the murder of his best friend’s wife – who happens to be Jack’s former lover. As he is in the private sector, he makes his own rules. And you know on principle, I won’t be reading it!  James Patterson and Maxine Paetro’s Private In the Name of Honor by Richard North Patterson and read by John Bedford Lloyd is a suspense novel that I might just read. When a lieutenant returns from Iraq and kills his commanding officer, it must be determined whether it was murder or self-defense. War, secrets, and...

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Kindle App Releases New Feature: Audio/Video Books

In 2008, Vook was founded by Bradley Inman and it was completely unique. Using a blend of media to accentuate the text in a book was unheard of prior to that point. Since then, vooks have gained momentum and sales, offering reader’s fiction and nonfiction options that are enhanced in ways with which traditional print books and audiobooks cannot compete.  Kindle offer audio/video book Until now, Vook has been largely on its own in this field… but this week Amazon announced that the Kindle will now offer audio/video books. Amazon is stepping up its game. The eReader market is becoming ultra-competitive as shown by the recent major price chopping of the Kindle and nook devices. It would seem that Kindle is ready to push forward with the latest technology, adding audio and video-enhanced book selections to its iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch apps. Audio and Video in a Book? Do you really need audio and video in a book? No. I mean, really, c’mon! It’s a book! Words and pictures (when necessary) are all you NEED. So, why bother with enhanced books? Well… I’ve looked at some vooks. They are cool and the videos are interesting, but quite honestly they are unnecessary. Especially in fiction, I find them to be superfluous to the content. Gimmicky, if you will. Nonfiction Vooks – Mixed Feelings I have also looked at a few nonfiction vooks. My take on those...

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Audio Textbooks – Sources and Resources

The attributes of audio textbooks on audio CD’s or any other digital format make them not only a great source for learning and education, but they are also high-quality entertainment and fun. As these books are recorded in highly advanced studios, under the guidance of expert sound engineers; they offer excellent sound quality. Titles are a very unique and college audio textbooks are a great tool for teachers and students alike. Some of the more advanced digital textbooks also offer the readers beautiful and informative structures and diagrams to make learning even easier. Finding an audio book is easy, you can borrow audio textbooks free in libraries or buy them online and download directly from the merchants online store. THINK Social Problems by John Carl Primarily a textbook for College Students it is designed to aid the student in understanding the core concepts of social problems by explaining them in a very methodical and easy to digest way. Almost the entire gauntlet of social problems are dealt with in a series in a magazine style by using chapters, there are 20 chapters with each one addressing specific social problems? THINK Psychology, By Abigail A. Baird A textbook for students studying psychology, another audio magazine style employing 18 singular chapters, which are designed to aid of the student in the study of the key concepts of psychology. Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach by James M. Henslin A textbook feeling...

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Doctor Who Audio Books

I have friends who are obsessed with Doctor Who. I had heard of the BBC television series, but had never seen it. I listened to their rants and raves, probably pretty much like they listened to my LOST drivel – with tolerant nods and confusion. Well the good doctor has been around for  some time and I had no idea that the series had been adapted as a good number of Dr Who audio books, (over 150) including original fiction with the characters. Maybe I should take a closer look… Eleven Actors have Portrayed the Doctor Dr. Who first appeared on BBC TV in 1963. It ran until 1989 and then revived in 2005. Originally serialized, current episodes are self-contained with loose story arcs. During that time, eleven actors have portrayed the doctor. An Eccentric, Intelligent Alien! Apparently, he is an eccentric, intelligent alien who travels via his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) machine that looks like an old British telephone or police box. He is determined to do the right thing and to pursue justice. Admittedly, I have learned all of this by looking it up online. I have no idea of the hows and whys of Dr. Who’s travels… Maybe some of you would be willing to visit our forum and enlighten me? Typing “Dr. Who” into Audible yields a whopping 159 results! Some are fiction and some simply contain...

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Janet Evanovich and Others: New Audio books

There are plenty of new reads available this week for audio book lovers. Danielle Steel and Janet Evanovich both offer new novels. Nonfiction titles include an approach for overcoming anger. Let’s take a look.  Family Ties by Danielle Steel Family Ties: A Novel by Danielle Steel and read by Susan Ericksen explores the strength of family ties and the unpredictability of life as a woman takes in her sister’s children. Steel is well-known for her novels featuring strong, independent women who rise to difficult challenges. I read some of her books when I was in high school, but abandoned her after about a year…  Sizzling Sixteen A Stephanie Plum by Janet Evanovich Sizzling Sixteen: A Stephanie Plum Novel by Janet Evanovich and read by Lorelei King is the latest in the humorous bounty hunter series. Lula, Grandma Mazur, Connie, Stephanie, and even Mooner are all entangled in trying to figure out who is trying to kill Vinnie. On top of that, Lula seems to have gotten caught up in a Ponzi scheme and Ranger and Morelli are still vying for Stephanie’s attentions. These books are always fun to read. I will definitely be picking this one up! Mr. Peanut by Adam Ross  Mr. Peanut by Adam Ross, read by Mark Deakins, is full of questions. David Pepin obsesses about losing his lovely wife, Alice. When she dies he becomes the main suspect. An...

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