EBook Readers: Acer LumiRead to Compete with Kindle!

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Are there any companies out there that aren’t creating eBook readers? This week Acer, known for lower-priced computer options, has announced their LumiRead device for eBooks and audiobook eBook titles.


The LumiRead will have both WiFi and 3G for downloading content. Acer has agreements with Barnes & Noble, Founder Group, and Libri.de for worldwide eBook titles.

The six-inch display uses E-Ink technology with no backlighting. It has a 2GB capacity and a memory card slot to allow for expansion. A built-in scanner for ISBN codes on physical books enables users to create wish lists for searching for titles online.

Audiobook EBook Reader Acer LumiReadNavigation is through a QWERTY keyboard, similar to the Kindle. The LumiRead will have the ability to share eBooks and audio books through Acer’s clear.fi system. The Smart Download feature allows users to select text from a web page and convert it to content that may be read offline to save battery life. Pricing and release date have not been announced.

Compatibility Overall:

Something to consider when choosing your eBook reader is compatibility over the long haul. When you buy your reader, you may be locking yourself into a specific eBookstore as well. Digital rights management software is embedded in downloads to prevent theft and sharing. Each company wants you to buy their device and then shop for your books in their stores. This is the big issue.

make sure you like the device AND the store… This may be a long-term relationship

Books purchased from Apple’s iBookstore can only be read on the iPad (and in future, the iPhone). The standard ePub format should be accessible on most devices, but some have found that the DRM prevents books from being read on platforms other than the one associated with the store. So, until the publishing industry sorts out the formatting issues, make sure you like the device AND the store… This may be a long-term relationship.

National Audiobook Month!

FYI, June is National Audiobook Month! One of my favorite authors, David Sedaris, is supporting the celebration as part of the Get Caught Listening campaign. Sedaris is a huge fan of digital books and recommends Sam Lipsyte’s The Ask as well as anything narrated by Dylan Baker.

I have lists upon lists of books. I used to keep track of what I had read and what I wanted to read on a spreadsheet on my Palm Pilot, but when I moved over to the iPod touch, I sort of abandoned them. Now I have random notes on my computer and several scraps of paper littered throughout my house. To remedy this issue, I have just downloaded the BookLover App for my iPod. Supposedly it will help me track the books I’ve read and want to read, allow me to take notes, view cover art, and share recommendations. I’ll let you know how it goes. For $0.99, I just have to try…

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