Month: March 2010

Jonathan Kellerman’s Deception

I love spring. Not only is the weather warmer, the trees are budding and things are beginning to look green… But there are lots of new audiobooks from favorite authors just waiting to be taken outside and read in the sunshine! Fiction: Deception by Jonathan Kellerman, read by John Rubinstein. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy Kellerman’s Alex Delaware series? Probably, but let me just tell you again. These psychological thrillers are fantastic. Delaware is a psychologist who works with the police on cases that need his special insight. The current case deals with the death of a woman who was repeatedly abused, apparently by teachers at an élite prep school. Delaware works with detective Milo Sturgis to investigate the dirty secrets hidden beneath the Ivy League exterior. Yes, I will be buying this. Preferably today. Solar by Ian McEwan, narrated by Roger Allam. I do love McEwan’s writing. Atonement was simply beautifully written. I am looking forward to reading Solar, the story of a Nobel Prize winning physicist who ceases to be productive, choosing instead to live off of his reputation. His personal life is also losing its luster as he discovers that his fifth wife is having an affair. When his personal and professional lives begin to crash together, how will he deal with it? The human condition is always incredible to look at through McEwan’s eyes....

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iPad to Have 30,000 free eBooks

The Apple iPad launch is looming and when it arrives 30,000 free eBooks will be available for download through the iBookstore. On April 3, new iPad owners will also be able to download Amazon’s Kindle app for their device. How cool is it that there is an annual contest for the year’s most bizarre book title? This weekend, The Bookseller magazine awarded the honor to Crocheting Adventures With Hyperbolic Planes by Dr. Daina Taimina. The second place title was What Kind of Bean is This Chihuahua? by Tara Jansen-Meyer, while Collectible Spoons of the Third Reich by James A Yannes...

Read More’s 3rd Annual Tournament of Audiobooks’s 3rd Annual Tournament of Audiobooks has reached Round 3. Site visitors have until March 29 to vote for their choices. So far, I have been unsurprised in the books that have made it this far. I’m pretty sure of what ones will make it to the next round, but from there on out? It’s anyone’s guess. Round 4 will feature one choice from each category: Editor’s Picks, Critically Acclaimed, Best Sellers, and Customer Favorites. Will The Help beat Prayer for Owen Meany? Can The Scarecrow stand up to Under the Dome? Who will win, Beat the Reaper or Always Looking Up? And how will The Gathering Storm rate against The Girl Who Played with Fire? I was browsing Audible, looking for some interesting tidbits, when I happened upon the IndieFirst section. I had never seen it before. The featured selections are original works from independent presses. In some cases, the audiobook will become available before the print edition! The only titles I recognize are Pride and Prejudice, Zombies, Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters. I am intrigued by several other titles and plan to listen to them. I love the title Hairstyles of the Damned and have to read it… because the title is just so good. I had also never viewed Audible’s Frontiers section, a collection of science fiction and fantasy recorded for Audible. Where have I...

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Audio Book Narrator Simon Jones

Simon Jones is the British actor most famous for his portrayal of Lord Brideshead in Brideshead Revisited and of Arthur Dent in the BBC version of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. A veteran of dozens of radio dramas, television shows, and big screen movies, his talents make him the perfect choice as a narrator for audiobooks. Fans and critics of digital books agree with this assessment, as illustrated by the many awards Jones has won for his work in this area. AudioFile Magazine has awarded him the rank of “Golden Voice.” Publisher’s Weekly named Jones their “Narrator of the Year”...

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Bite Me: A Love Story by Christopher Moore

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls by Jane Austen and Steve Hockensmith, narrated by Katherine Kellgren. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was a huge hit last year all over the world and plans are in the works for a movie, so is it any wonder that a sequel… actually a prequel… has come out? This is the story of the beginning of the zombie plague, complete with Elizabeth Bennett’s evolution as zombie slayer. My son has the first book, and I need to steal it from him to read it! Bite Me: A Love Story by Christopher Moore, read by Susan Bennett. I’ve told you that I love Christopher Moore… The next in the Love Story series, following You Suck and Bloodsucking Fiends. Bite Me continues to follow the adventures of vampires Tommy and Jody and their Goth buddy, Abby Normal. I in this outing, we are faced with Chet the vampire cat’s increasing thirst, the Emperor of San Francisco, and other indescribable characters. If you like dark humor, vampires, and general insanity, read this. Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War by Karl Marlantes, read by Bronson Pinchot. Political ambitions motivate a young Marine lieutenant during monsoon season in Vietnam. The novel examines the value of ambition over compassion. I am generally not into war novels, but this sounded interesting… then I listened to a clip....

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