February 2010

Overdrive adding new features, audio books selling well, and Lady Gaga narrating a children’s book… Read on…. 100 Stories for Haiti. The 100 Stories for Haiti book project is going strong! Pre-orders for the paperback edition are now being accepted at 100 Stories for Haiti . The cost is £11.99 plus shipping. Remember that all proceeds go [...]

Yesterday, I admitted my addiction to the television show, LOST. I have managed to refrain from postulating about the Island or going on about my theories of good and evil and symbolism and… Oh, sorry. I really am an addict. Anyway, in my last blog, I shared the audio book details of just a few [...]

I am a complete LOST addict. I started watching the summer after the first season aired when I became hooked on the repeats. Since then, I can’t get enough. I watch and re-watch. I have written about the show, theorized about it, and generally read everything I can find about it, in audio book, eBook, or a hardcover [...]

I’ve mentioned Vooks here before, but I think it’s time for an update. About a year ago, Brad Inman started Vook, a creation that combines videos and photos with text. Vooks basically strive to make reading a multimedia experience. They are currently available online and as downloads for iPods, iPhones, and soon, the iPad.  Vook [...]

G oogle launched its idea of a social media outlet with Buzz last week. It quickly turned into a fiasco as the program immediately took users’ most frequent email contacts and automatically added them to the person’s stream and publicized lists of followers. Apparently, they thought this would streamline the process used by facebook, where [...]

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