Month: February 2010

Audiobook News | 100 Stories for Haiti, Lady Gaga, RapidShare, Nintendo eBooks

Overdrive adding new features, audio books selling well, and Lady Gaga narrating a children’s book… Read on…. 100 Stories for Haiti. The 100 Stories for Haiti book project is going strong! Pre-orders for the paperback edition are now being accepted at 100 Stories for Haiti . The cost is £11.99 plus shipping. Remember that all proceeds go to support Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti. I am currently discussing the audio book plans with BBC Audiobooks America. With any luck, they will be producing an abridged version soon. I’ll keep you posted! Overdrive. In other news, those of you who use Overdrive to borrow digital books from your local library will be happy to hear about their plans for new features. Plans are in the works to add interactive media, DRM-free eBooks, periodicals, streaming digital books, music, and video. This expansion may also include loyalty programs and eBook clubs. Industry news. reports that the voice and speech industry is continuing to grow. Highlights: Audio book CD sales represent 72% of the audio market; Audio book downloads grew to 21% of the market, audio books on cassette sales have stayed the same (3%). Lady Gaga? International pop star Lady Gaga may be heard narrating the new children’s recorded book titled, “The Portal in the Park” by Cricket Casey. The book is aimed at kids 6 and up to help with reading skills....

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New Audio Book Releases | UR by Stephen King, Big Girl by Danielle Steel.

There are so many wonderful audio books out there. How do you decide what to read next? There’s something for everyone this week: horror, mystery, literary fiction… So, what will you read next? UR by Stephen King, narrated by Holter Graham. Just when I was warming up to the idea of a Kindle or nook, Stephen King had to go and write about an eBook reader that opens a disturbing window into other worlds. When an avid reader finally tries to embrace technology by buying an eReader, he acquires the ability to see other realities. I have to read it, obviously… on audio book. Fantasy in Death by JD Robb, read by Susan Ericksen. NYPSD Lieutenant Eve Dallas faces her most puzzling case. The founder of a computer-gaming company is found dead in a locked room – decapitated. I haven’t read any of the “In Death” series of books. Should I? Big Girl by Danielle Steel, narrated by Kathleen McInerney. It was inevitable. Romance writer Danielle Steel has finally embraced a character who isn’t perfect. Unconventional beauty, body image, and family are all issues that are experienced by real women. Of course, this being Danielle Steel, I’d wager that a happy ending is in store for readers. I went through a period of reading her books in high school. That was before I figured out that they were all...

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Pop Culture Watch: Read an Audiobook from the Popular TV Show LOST (Part 2)

Yesterday, I admitted my addiction to the television show, LOST. I have managed to refrain from postulating about the Island or going on about my theories of good and evil and symbolism and… Oh, sorry. I really am an addict. Anyway, in my last blog, I shared the audio book details of just a few of the books that the character Sawyer has read during the series. Today, just for fun, I’m going to present some literature references from the show. Whether they have any hidden meaning remains to be seen, but its sure fun to think about! Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, narrated by Christopher Plummer. In particular, the white rabbit seems to be a recurring theme in LOST. One episode is even titled, “White Rabbit” and another is “Through the Looking Glass”. As you may recall, the book takes Alice on some very bizarre adventures, like the survivors on LOST. Lord of the Flies written and read by William Golding. This vaguely disturbing tale of British schoolboys marooned on an island. As they are forced to create their own society, the dark side of human nature is exposed. This book has been referenced multiple times in LOST. Characters have referred to it as they describe the nature of some of the survivors. Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens, narrated by Paul Scofield. Money is the...

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Pop Culture Watch: Read an Audiobook from the Popular TV Show LOST

I am a complete LOST addict. I started watching the summer after the first season aired when I became hooked on the repeats. Since then, I can’t get enough. I watch and re-watch. I have written about the show, theorized about it, and generally read everything I can find about it, in audio book, eBook, or a hardcover book. During the course of the show, several books have been referred to, featured as being read by a character, or shown in varied settings. This has caused rampant speculation about their significance. While the titles may or may not reveal something about the plot, they are certainly intriguing. Today and tomorrow I would like to present some of the titles to you… and maybe pull you into a conversation about LOST. Since Sawyer is one of the biggest readers on the show, let’s start with some of the books he has been seen with. The Bad Twin by Gary Troup, read by Scott Brick. This book was actually written as a tie-in to the series. The character, Sawyer, was seen reading the manuscript that was said to have been in the possession of the author when flight 815 crashed somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Fans immediately scrambled to find clues. I was one of those fans. Read my thoughts here: The book was entertaining, but ultimately not tied into the show very well....

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Audio Book News | Vook is Expanding

I’ve mentioned Vooks here before, but I think it’s time for an update. About a year ago, Brad Inman started Vook, a creation that combines videos and photos with text. Vooks basically strive to make reading a multimedia experience. They are currently available online and as downloads for iPods, iPhones, and soon, the iPad.  Vook is currently set to expand, thanks to $2.5 million in funding. Upcoming projects will include vooks for bestselling authors Anne Rice and Seth Godin. Currently available titles include public domain works such as Treasure Island and The Jungle Book, as well as The Breakaway Japanese Kitchen, The 90-Second Fitness Solution and more.  I wasn’t thrilled with the Crush It! Vook by Gary Vaynerchuk. In my view, the multimedia additions should really add to the text. In this case, I was more annoyed by the unnecessary vulgarity and unimpressed with the videos.  The 90-Second Fitness Solution, however, was greatly enhanced by the video. The text described the workouts and benefits, while the video showed the correct form of each exercise.  Embassy is a thriller Vook with short videos interspersed within the story. I found the videos to be intriguing and enhancing to the content. Were they necessary? No. But with continuing advancements in technology, I know from experience that my youngest son is not reading enough. If a Vook makes reading more interesting and will hold...

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