Month: January 2010

Audio Book News | Charity update, Books for Kids, and More!

100 Stories for Haiti update: Last night was the deadline for submissions and, at last count, there were over 350 short stories submitted! This fantastic charity project, spearheaded by Greg McQueen, will benefit the Red Cross efforts in Haiti. We are still looking for an audiobook company willing to donate an audio version. Come on! Step up! eBook and paperback versions are in the works. Stay tuned here and keep tabs on for the latest news. iPod Audiobook for Kids Looking for an audiobook that is educational as well as functional for your young child? Check out The Hare and the Tortoise, a Moving Audio book from Adrian Nelson. The story is a retelling of the classic fable, with a technology-inspired twist. The words scroll across the bottom of the screen, and each word is highlighted as it is read. Graphics zoom and scroll to engage children. No internet connection is necessary once the app is downloaded. Also in iTunes A full complement of Robert B. Parker books is available for download. In fact, there are 42 titles included! Prices range from $14.95-20.95 USD. iPod Audiobook Apps If you haven’t explored the App Store for audiobook apps, and you are an iPod user, you should. Type audiobook in the search bar and then click on Apps. There are tons of audiobook apps available for very reasonable rates. Also...

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Audio Book News | Fundraising For Haiti, Free Books And More

Writers donating stories for Haiti, eBooks for free and more are discussed in today’s audiobook news. 100 Stories for Haiti I have been watching, along with the rest of the world, the heartbreaking news footage of the fallout from the disaster in Haiti. I want to let you know that an amazing writer, Greg McQueen, has organized a project called, 100 Stories for Haiti. The book will be available as an eBook from in mid-February and a paperback version will forthcoming from Unbound Press about a week after the eBook release. An audiobook version would be wonderful, wouldn’t it? I am currently seeking a company willing to help us produce the audio version. Interested? Leave a comment! Many writers (including me) have contributed stories that are being considered by editors. Proceeds will be contributed to the Red Cross. Please watch for more information on this project and consider purchasing a copy to benefit those in need in Haiti. eBook Giveaways If you browse the “best-selling” eBooks for Amazon’s Kindle, you would find that more than half aren’t actually “selling”, they’re available for free download. Some of these titles are predictably free as they are in the public domain, but some titles are by new authors, attempting find an audience. By offering their books for free, the authors get exposure, and Amazon hopes customers will browse around and purchase...

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Disney’s Digital Books for Children are a Reading, Listening and Interactive Experience!

The words Disney and quality are synonymous for visual and audio products. Disney’s Digital audio books subscription service is designed for children to experience the joy of reading books in a fun and interactive way. There is a wide range of Disney book titles suitable for children from preschool and kindergarten to middle schooling. Because the service is online, it is much more then just children’s book titles for an e-book reader, this is an interactive service in full color and all the files are stored on the web site. Apart from your computer, no additional hardware is required. Each subscription includes accounts for three children; a free trial is also available. Over 500 Disney book titles have been digitized offering features such as the ability to listen to a book being read by a professional narrator. During the narration, each word is highlighted as it is being read aloud. Music and sound effects are also added, further enhancing the listening experience. Various options are available whereby children who wish to read on their own are able to do so by using a feature known as “Look and Listen” with the ability to highlight any words that are unfamiliar, this way your child can then hear the word being pronounced in context. Parents Account As a parent when you register you will be prompted to choose a “D-Name” which effectively...

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Audio Book Periodicals: For Those Who Love Current Events

As I was scanning, it occurred to me that I haven’t touched on another interesting source of audiobook content. Periodicals and newspapers are both available by individual issue or subscription. So what titles are out there? And are you interested in getting the news this way? The Morning Read from The Wall Street Journal. Readers can choose a single issue, monthly, or yearly subscription. Each morning, the WSJ’s front page stories and popular briefings will be available. Fridays offer bonus features from the Journal. This one is for serious business people. Sounds like a great idea for the morning commute, no? The New York Times Audio Digest. Also available by individual issue or subscription, the NYT Audio Digest offers features from the front page, international, national, business, sports, and editorial sections in about an hour. The digested versions offer vital content in an accessible, summary form. The New Yorker. The New Yorker magazine offers up an audio version of the popular magazine. A variety of each issue’s best articles are presented in their entirety exclusively at Audible. The audio is generally about 2 hours of content and includes several articles. Scientific American. This monthly science and technology based magazine brings advances and achievements from the scientific community to the general public. For those interested in keeping up with the latest in science and tech, this should be a...

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Another Fun Way to Recycle Audio Books and Find New Ones!

As I have said before, I never throw books of any kind away, I would rather donate or share them. A couple of years ago I registered at and promptly forgot about it. Recently, I revisited the site with audiobooks in mind. Books Gone Wild Bookcrossing was developed in 2001 by Ron Hornbaker. Inspired by the popularity of, where users can track currency by serial number, he created a site for tracking books. The site encourages people to “release” books and track who “catches” them. How? After creating an account, choose a book that you wish to share. Any type of book is allowed – hardcover books, paperback, or audio. Magazines, DVDs, or music are not to be entered. Click on ‘register book’ (under the My Shelf tab). Follow the easy instructions to generate a Bookcrossing ID (BCID). Write the ID in ink inside the front cover of the book. Either write or add a label with Bookcrossing information. Leave the book somewhere… anywhere… Where in the World? When someone finds your book, hopefully they will visit the site to make a journal entry so that you can track where your book has traveled. By visiting your Bookshelf, you can see who has “caught” your book and where it has traveled. At this point, only about 25% of books released with BCIDs are caught and recorded on the site. This may be due to...

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